Electronic Delivery of Reports and Images

What is Medinexus?

Medinexus is a system which is integrated with ESMI and delivers reports and associated images to Referring Practitioners electronically.

Reports and associated images are sent from ESMI to Medinexus, which are then made available to Referrers via web based Medinexus online portal or directly into the Referrer’s clinical software system.

Benefits of Medinexus

There are many benefits to both the Referrer and Patient. These include;

  • Both reports and images attached to the patient’s record are available in your clinical practice software.
  • For a number of clinical practice software systems, no additional login is required.
  • There is no cost to the Referrer or Patient for this service.
  • Reports and images are available as soon as the report is completed by the Radiologist.
  • No need for Patients to bring in hard copy films for appointments.

Who should use Medinexus?

Medinexus is for Referrers operating outside of an SA Health site. This includes General Practitioners and Specialists who are referring from their Private Practice rooms.

How does a Referrer register for Medinexus?

Registration is a three step process for Referrers.

  1. Online registration with Medinexus.
  2. Login Set up with Medinexus (if required)
  3. ESMI RIS Setup (SA Health Site Medical Imaging Administrator).

Complete instructions are available in the Medinexus – How to register for Referring Practitioners

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